Coming Back After COVID

I got sick. Did you?

It was a pretty tough week, and I am not very good at taking complete down time, but my sickness required it of me. My body was working super hard to expel this sickness and make me better, and my job was allowing.

How good are you at allowing? 

While allowing my body to work, I gave her some help. Here are some things I did to help my body during that time**:

  • eat and drink lots of fluids and water-based substances
  • rest
  • take vitamin C and zinc supplements
  • heat and steam: heating pad on my chest, steam baths and hot showers for my chest and sinuses

**NONE of this is instead of recommendations from the medical sect and scientists. If medicine is recommended, or other therapies, please take advice of people in the field seriously. These are things I did in addition to medical advice.

Coming back after COVID….

So, I had to tiptoe my way back to being healthy and fit. It wasn’t like I jumped out of bed one morning and went for a fast 6 miler. No, I started with minimal movement for blood and oxygen flow, a piece at a time.

Below is a video I made for you with some of the movements I started using as I started recovering.

Take these movements at your own pace. You might need to just do a tiny bit at a time, or make sure to keep your head above your heart. You might not be on the ground; you might be in a chair.

It’s all ok. It’s all what you need it to be. Take your body’s cues seriously and do what you can when your body is ready. If you do that, you’ll find your recovery is quicker than if you force your body into submission.

I sincerely hope you start to feel better soon. Use these movements and start to progress them as you go.

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