Can I Lift Weights with Diastasis Recti?

Sometimes you may need to stop all your fitness regimens while recovering from Diastasis Recti.

If this is the recommendation of your physical therapist or practitioner, then yes, follow the protocol first before getting back to weight lifting and other practices.

For most people that I work with, we can slowly integrate weight lifting and other fitness practices pretty quickly upon starting your Diastasis Recti program.

Here are some guidelines for weight lifting with Diastasis Recti:

CarrieFit kettlebell

  1. When lifting on the floor, roll onto your side and then onto your back. For this reason, the floor is preferable to a bench in chest press and other bench exercises. Roll out of the exercise, as well.
  2. Ground one leg or foot in every exercise.
  3. Keep shoulder and upper body work at the shoulder level, not above, until you have worked your way out of this phase (your ABC Method Instructor will help you transition).
  4. Maintain your ABC’s in every exercise.

You might want some more guidance, so TA-DA! I made 3 weight lifting classes for you! They are simple to get to. Go to my moxie account and use the collection “Core Safe Weight Lifting.” Monthly members get unlimited access to these, plus my other collections and constant class additions.

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