Making that Next Best Choice

You feel like you should eat something.

Are you hungry?

Not really.

But do you feel like you could use a snack?



I don’t know…..

The conversations we have within the human mind, right? How Do we make that next best choice?

Habit Loops

Everyone has habit loops. I am having a snack now because I just got home, it’s a certain time of the day, or I have some down time.

Changing a habit loop means changing something within the loop

It could mean that that grab of a snack becomes an apple, plain popcorn, or a handful of nuts.

OR, if you’re realizing that the snack is not important or necessary, then you can replace it with activity.

I tell my clients “don’t sit in front of the TV without something non-food in your hands.” In other words, idle hands can create habits. On the other hand, if you simultaneously are playing an online game or flipping through a catalog, you might not need that snack to keep you feeling busy.

That time might be the perfect time to interject movement or activity. What if you just planned that time as the time to turn music on and either sing or dance around?

Or make art?

So, that’s the first thing to consider. It’s the habit loop.

Now, assume you actually DO get hungry or need sustenance at this time, but you tend to choose food that doesn’t make you feel great, or that you know won’t serve your body well today.

Having simple foods ready to go is key.

For example, do your grocery shopping on Sunday, and then make fun little snack packs to stick in the fridge. Or do your prep work for your grilled salmon dinner in advance, and be ready to cook it at that time.

I find that having a plan just a little bit in advance is helpful when you are stuck staring into the fridge after a long day.

What next best step can you make today? It’s in the inches, not the miles, that races are won. Each next best step makes a difference in how you feel. And when you feel better, you’ll be more likely to make the next best choice again.


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