In Solidarity for Women and Minorities Everywhere

texas broken heart
artwork by Radish White Ice

Because I live in Texas. I just want to share how I feel right now.

I love my neighbors deeply.
I love Austin deeply.
Our elected officials have broken our hearts over and over again.
They will continue to attempt to rip us apart and divide us
Until we choose differently.
Register to vote.
Vote the assholes out.

If you didn’t know, 665 laws designed to frighten people, oppress people, and violate people’s constitutional rights were passed in the state of texas on September 1, 2021. CarrieFit stands on the side of love, integrity, equality, and service, always, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, race, creed, color, or religion.




We will not be silent. Silence aids the oppressor.


#texasstrong #annrichardsiswithus #barbarajordaniswithus

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