I heard this word for the “first time,” though it sounded familiar, yesterday, from the amazing Emmanuel Acho (check out his series on youtube: Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man)

He skimmed past the word, but I was like “YES” And then my daughter asked me about “purgatory,” an in-between world, believed by some religions, as a place neither good nor bad… sort of void of beauty and happiness. And don’t we put ourselves in “Compar-itory” all the time? It’s not “good” or “bad,” but devoid of happiness and joy. It’s the place we go to NOT live our best lives, NOT live our full potential, NOT be fearless and free and full of LIFE. It’s the strange human belief that someone else’s life is more special than ours.

I used to be stuck here BIG time. And when my ego got a hold of this, he went buck wild in my head with “she is better…. she is prettier…. she has it all …. you’re a LOSER.” Every now and then, I’ll catch myself starting to go into that world, seeing someone farther ahead on a business path or finding prosperity before she is my age (I sometimes get a crazy notion that I am of “advanced” age, and I assure you; I am only getting started) But the practice is back to the G word GRATITUDE will save you.

Thank you, God, for these legs that carry me. Thank you, God, for these arms that hold. Thank you, God, for this roof over my head. And I was reminded in a really fabulous clubhouse room (are you on clubhouse?), that even things that seem like a negative gift can be spun into a positive one and we can be grateful in that moment, too.

Thank you, God, for the coffee that spilled, reminding me that I have more coffee I can brew. Thank you, God, for the cold weather, that I will rejoice in the seasons. Thank you, God, for my sassy child, that she will grow up strong in her self!

Did you discover you’re in Comparitory?

What’s your way out?

Remember: the more you tell the ego to shut up, the less he will come around.

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