Bread Loaf Abs?

bread loaf abs

Credit: borrowed from Reddit

Do you get this bread loaf appearance while doing abdominal exercises?

If this is happening to you during ab exercises, you are struggling with proper engagement and proper directional flexion of the rectus abdominis.

When I see this, I apply The ABC Method, whether it’s Diastasis Recti or not. The issue is core function, and that’s what The ABC Method (found in all my books, courses, and classes) is about.

The ABC Method is the way to redirect into better core work that is more effective and more efficient… besides the fact that if you’re doing bread loaf abs, your abs will develop outward, creating a bigger waist and belly.

The ABC Method also teaches how this relates to full body function, because all of life’s movements, postures, and positions are somehow core related. Not properly stabilizing can cause dysfunction here and throughout the chain.

Raise your hand if you want a bigger waist and belly.

Thought not.

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