Virtual Wellness Studio

  1. Coach in Your Pocket

We work together, but in the times that work for you, all via mobile app, so that you can log in and access your coach anywhere, anytime.

2. Community

You are working with others who are doing the same thing! Find some friends and discuss the things that REALLY happen when you work on your health.

3. Fitness

Your Coach leads you through the right fitness program for your needs, in a time frame that works for you.

4. Food

Your Coach will offer you a simple nutrition guide that offers simplicity and ease to your eating habits. NEW 2B Mindset group addresses all things nutrition and diet, including hang-ups, cravings, and habit loops. If that is your focus, please indicate in the notes.

5. Fun

You COULD go it alone….but WHY?

IMPORTANT: You will receive a PERSONAL recommendation and report directly from Carrie to the email or text message address you provide. An important part of your personal care is checking for this message! It will come from email address

Thank you!