Fitness Business Coaching

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I have been in the fitness industry for well over 20 years. In that time, I have taught and led all kinds of fitness classes, as well as trained privately, managed facilities, written a book, published an online course, gotten intellectual property rights, and mentored other professionals.

I started as a group exercise instructor and got a degree in education. My business officially opened in 2004, when I started contracting out my coaching and teaching services. I taught in fitness facilities and private corporations. I transitioned into having a very specific brand with a specific market, which has led to the books, courses, trainings, and now a professional certification as I continue to build ways for my specific skill set to serve the world at a higher level.

I believe fitness professionals are preventative medicine and deserve to be treated as such. My focus is on niche and specific business targets that can change the outlook of a fitness business. I also help fitness businesses and professionals find a space online or in the tech industry if it makes sense for them. I help fitness business startups, as well as business transformations and business upleveling/pivoting into the digital space.

Together, we will work on: niche market, business plan, high end offerings, B2B, staff development and management, high performance in leadership, team development and intellectual property development and management.

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