The ABC Method April CG Private – Leah


CG specific private group training for The ABC Method Certificate Course



This is the sign up for The ABC Method Certificate Course for trainers and instructors, specifically for CG trainers and coaches, to complete the course in April, 2021.

This course requires LIVE video conference time with Carrie and the group AND personal practice time (5+ hours)

LIVE Video Conference Times (listed in Central Time / Chicago Time):

Monday, April 5, 6-7 PM

Tuesday, April 6, 12-3 PM

Thursday, April 8, 12-3 PM

Practical Exam times will be scheduled individually with Carrie for April 8-9 (you will schedule 30 minutes with Carrie on one of the listed days; we’ll discuss it in session)

Remember: I’m here to help you succeed, not to find roadblocks to your learning.

I look forward to working with you!



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