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Why I Became a Beachbody Coach

rockstars at PEPI’ve been given an assignment. I’m working through a system to push my fitness business forward. I have some personal fitness and business goals, and of course I’m going to do everything in my power to take as much personal development as I can fit into my day (and my brain) to further my business, which increases my ability to help YOU, so I’m taking this challenge: to tell you WHY I became a Beachbody Coach. So, here’s that story.

I have been a fit pro for nearly 20 years, but that business floundered. It didn’t do much other than sit there. Now and then I got to really help someone and feel fulfilled, but more often, it was very day-to-day, and not very life-changing. For that matter, my income was limited to the number of hours in the day that I could workout. It occurred to me that I couldn’t always be available to work out, and as my family grows, and as I age, those hours would surely decline.

I realized that I needed a little help and a partnership with something bigger.

I got on a conference call shortly after my youngest was born, in 2009, as I was trying to find a better solution to building my business. It was a guy that was in this business called Beachbody, and there was this new opportunity to build a coaching business with them. I got on the phone with lots of others, noticing quickly that I was the only certified fitness professional on the call.

To paraphrase, they guy said “oh, you’re a fitness professional? That’s ok, lots of coaches are also fitness professionals.” I’m thinking “that’s ok? I’m much more qualified than these jokers to help people!” Little did I know at the time that my EGO was holding me back from helping more people, and that the others on the line probably did a bang up business just because they CARE!

But here’s where the guy leading the call misrepresented Beachbody. He obviously didn’t know or understand the Beachbody purpose and mission. He said that we would have a list of customers, given to us by the company, and if one of them calls for help on a program, that our goal was to “up-sell” them on another product.


I hung up on him, angry that he would suggest that I could be a lame salesperson.

2 years later, as I was plugging along in a job that I didn’t enjoy, but merely got me by day-to-day, I knew it was time to push my business forward to give myself the opportunity to move forward. I found Trina Gray in a fitness professionals’ magazine, where she had written an article and had an ad about helping fit pros get ahead. I plugged in to her via Facebook and soon found out that she was a Beachbody coach.

Beachbody? That sales-pitch company? No way, I couldn’t do that. Sorry, Trina, it’s not for me. But I was intrigued by how she was so successful, so I noticed and watched on her Facebook. That went on for about 9 months, as I looked at other companies and what they offered for their networks. Expensive. One-sided. Not in alignment with my personal ethics. It was tough. So, I went back to Trina Gray and I did my research.

It turns out that she was doing Beachbody the right way. It wasn’t a sales pitch. It was helping people. She was helping tons of people in a tiny community in Michigan, and across the country. She was doing what I wanted to do! And Beachbody was her tool. The final kicker was joining her Corporate Fit Challenge group, where I bought a package to learn to do challenges with companies and corporations. Shakeology was an option in the meal plan, and there was a little statement about why she does Beachbody with the package she sent.

OK. I’m in. So, I signed up, not knowing if it would work for me or what I was going to do with all of this, but knowing that I wanted to be in.

It’s been about 18 months since that day. Here’s why I am still in:

  1. I love the stuff. I signed up without even using a Beachbody product! But now, I have learned to be a better trainer and I have progressed my own fitness level by using programs such at Turbo Fire and Asylum. I didn’t know Shakeology, and I was resistant to it as a purist. Now, I know that Shakeology is one of my most important practices. Shakeology keeps my body consistently strong and resilient.
  2. I love helping others. Through the Beachbody systems, I have met people all over the world. I get to help people from wherever they are. I get to help people get fit, find the right nutrition for them, feel great, and sometimes even start a new business.
  3. I love my team. I get excited about bringing people into Team Rockstar Fit because these folks are incredible. They are all over the map, physically and professionally, and every one of them brings value to the table.
  4. I love building the team. I get a total charge out of bringing more people in, because I love what I do and want others to feel that, too.

As I build this Beachbody business, I look forward to building it as a major source of income, a major influencer in the lives of people that need these systems, and a major form of communicating with others who are like me and need this business to push their own vision forward.

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