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My Fitness Team: Team Envision

…is an opportunity to help people from the comfort of your own home or office, all while taking care of your own health and fitness needs.

Opportunity is currently available in the United States and Canada.

Now Accepting Applications for United Kingdom Coaches :

The opportunity is opening for UK fall of 2017. Registering now means you will get notified as soon as you can officially become a Team Envision Coach! Fill out the form below…

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We are on our own journey and helping with the journey of others:

Why be a Member of Team Envision?

If ONE of the following applies to you…

  • I need to take care of my own health and the health of my family
  • I see that people around me need help in their health and I need a place to begin to make a difference.
  • I see a place for my voice in the fitness world that needs to be told
  • I am in the fitness industry and need to expand to the online market outside of my immediate zone

….Then register above NOW to find out how Coaching Works in Your Life.

I will send you an invitation to see the inside of my mobile app, where you’ll see exactly what a day in the life of a coach is like, and decide for yourself whether Coach Life is for You.

  • Friendships: meet the team that will help you every step of the way, and quite possibly be your new best friends.
  • Fun: our meetings are fun and real, with real advice, real help, real grace, in Real Life.
  • Freedom: You choose your schedule. You choose your business model
  • Finances: You can earn money* simply from serving others.



For Fitness Professionals Looking to Get MORE From their Knowledge and Skills:

Why should YOU Join Team Envision?

1. You Love Health and Fitness and Would Like Extra Attention and/or a Discount


2. You Love Fitness and Would Like to Pay It Forward


3. You Own or Would Like to Own a Fitness Brand/ are a Fitness Professional

You should consider joining Team Envision if any ONE (or more) of the following applies to you:

  • you love fitness and want to share it with others
  • you have a passion for health and wellness
  • you want to help in the crusade to End The Trend of Obesity Worldwide
  • you love to visit with other fitness enthusiasts
  • you want to start a fitness business, but don’t know where to start
  • you are a fitness professional and want to increase your client base, earning potential, and outreach
  • you want to be a member of a team who is in it for the same reasons
  • you want an awesome discount on the world’s best fitness and nutrition products
  • you want an awesome discount on Carrie’s live classes

I’m Ready! Sign Me Up NOW to be a Rockstar with guidance from Carrie.

Would you like to get on the next video conference call? Email me at

Team Envision Members are NOT necessarily Fitness Professionals. They are of all walks of life and all professions. Their common thread is that they either want help themselves from our very knowledgable team, or they want to help others on their health journey. It’s that simple.

 * every person on the team is an independent business owner and earns his or her own paycheck. There is no guarantee of a level of success.