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Flat Belly System

Flat Belly SystemSymptoms of Diastasis Recti:

    • odd appearance to midsection/excessive belly bloat
    • indigestion
    • lower back pain
    • core weakness
    • belly pain

If you have ONE of these symptoms and have ever been pregnant, gained weight around the middle of your body, or done heavy weight lifting, you may have Diastasis Recti.

1. Do This Simple Check:

2. Get Help

3. Get The Flat Belly System to Start on Your Repair

Click HERE to purchase The Flat Belly System NOW.

Important! Our system has changed. After processing your payment, you can return to and see your downloadable file IMMEDIATELY. You don’t have to wait for an email anymore!!

Go HERE to get your Flat Belly System with a Russian Language Translation


PLEASE  DON’T go back to what you were doing before. Some movements that seemed simple and logical may in fact have exacerbated serena Flat Belly System your injury. Learn from the webinar and the series what to do and what not to do. Repair it, and THEN you can start taking out all the modifications.
flat belly results olga

The average client who goes through the Flat Belly System with me reduces their injury by 1/4 in the first month, and by 1/2 of the total injury in the second. Roughly 60% of my Flat Belly System students recover their injury completely. 90% recover it almost completely, with a high level of satisfaction. (Results depend on the extent of the injury, and whether a hernia is involved, as well as the student’s adherence the program.)

“I purchased and went through 2 entire (high priced, corporate-produced) systems. They did NOTHING for my Diastasis Recti. Three days into Carrie’s system, I see a HUGE difference.”


It seriously is giving me my life back, slowly but surely. 

 – Christine

Best $10 I’ve spent.

– Amy

FBS!!!! It works! — if consistent. This program is 5 minutes 3x a day for 2 weeks, then 10 minutes 2 times a day.
Plus fixing some awful alignment and posture issues has been helpful too!


NEW: Flat Belly System Packages

“I saw someone post … before/after pics and they were amazing!  She said she used the Flat Belly System.  I looked into it and immediately I was able to do both The Flat Belly System AND 21 Day Fix with some modifications by Carrie West Harper the creator of FBS.  I honestly *never* thought I’d be able to work out hard and feel human again.  21 DF was totally off my radar.  I am SO EXCITED about my results!!!  Quickly my back pain went away, my body began to change and I felt so strong and full of energy.  FBS changed my life.  I’m now down 16 lbs and my diastasis is so much better.”

– Tegan

Package 1: 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack + Flat Belly System

Watch HERE: Flat Belly System + 21 Day Fix  (Video)*

The perfect combination is the Flat Belly System with 21 Day Fix

Flat Belly System and 21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix + FBS Sarah 2

What happens with the combination of 21 Day Fix, Shakeology, and the Flat Belly System?

  • tiny shifts in nutritional components that add up to big changes
  • 30 minutes of fitness per day, safely modified by Carrie for ultimate in performance and injury healing
  • a personal nutrition plan that is SIMPLE, using the foods you already eat, in a portion that is correct for your body.
  • 70+ super foods that help lean you out, stabilize your blood sugar, and energize your body for healthy, productive energy.

“I am such a believer in combining these systems that I will GIVE you the Flat Belly System FREE with your paid purchase of the Challenge Pack*” – Carrie

Click HERE to order your 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack*

FBS 21df Kristen anonymous*=available only in the United States and Canada. This special is unique to Carrie’s clients and customers, and is not applicable for orders outside of Carrie’s business.

Package 2: Flat Belly System + One Month of Workouts from Carrie

Live Outside the United States? Love working out with Carrie, but can’t come to class? THIS is the perfect alternative for YOU.

In this package, you start with 6 weeks of focus on the Flat Belly System, with the online support and extra help from Carrie. THEN, you shift into a full month of full body strengthening and toning workouts from Carrie that you can do from AnywhIMG_3233ere!

  • calendar of workouts
  • extra help and support
  • food bonuses

With this program, you have a full body solution while healing your injury.

Click HERE to order Package 2: Flat Belly System + One Month of Workouts

OR…Click here to order your Flat Belly System. ($9.99)

With just the Flat Belly System, you get

  • the document with the system to help you in your Diastasis Recti repair and recovery
  • the help email series
  • entry into the exclusive Facebook support group with Carrie

Click here to order your Flat Belly System. ($9.99)

Endorsement by Alina

Flat Belly System is Endorsed by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Alina Sholar. Dr. Sholar’s wonderful medical spa offers lots of options to help with your medical and beauty needs, including helping with your Diastasis Recti. Check in with Dr. Sholar and the Sage and Sweetgrass Spa HERE.

NEW Resource: Modifications Specifically for 21 Day Fix Users

I noticed that  lot of my Diastasis Recti/Flat Belly Clients are also using 21 Day Fix for their nutrition and fitness. That’s GOOD, because it’s my #1 recommended program for kitchen habits and basic fitness. The only problem was that the modifications on the fitness DVD’s do not include correct mods for people with DR and Core Injury. I now have several modification videos that you can use in conjunction with your 21 Day Fix Workouts so that you can do the exercises properly.

These videos are best used while also practicing the Flat Belly System on a Daily Basis. My friends who order the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack and join my 21 Day Fix Online Accountability Group will receive the Flat Belly System FREE, as well as get plenty of modifications and personalized help from me AND my team. To be in my next 21 Day Fix Accountability Group, click HERE.

21 day fix and FBS Rachel with txt

“O.M.G I honestly never thought I would see my stomach looking this great ever again! After having diastasis, I thought I’d never have a flat tummy again. Thank you so much to Carrie West Harper for the flat belly system and thanks to 21 day fix for already giving me some muscle tone and reducing the loose skin!! I’m seeing results and it is so motivating!! I am a happy momma “-Rachel.

Modification Videos:

Total Body Cardio:

Upper Fix:

Pilates (Part 1):

Pilates (part 2):

10 Minute Ab Fix:


Dirty 30:


To get more modifications and extra help with your Flat Belly System and 21 Day Fix, go HERE to the registration page.

FREE Webinar: What is Diastasis Recti? What is the Proper Training Method for this Injury? Can I Help as a Professional or Coach?


The voice in this webinar is directed to health and fitness professionals. However, I feel that we all need this information, especially those who have it. Knowing what to do is the first step. The second is to spread the word and share this with others.

Diastasis Recti Training Part 1 from Carrie Harper on Vimeo.

Diastasis Recti Training Part 2 from Carrie Harper on Vimeo.

Trainer, Coaches, Health and Fitness Professionals, it’s really important to be educated on this topic. Please share this information with your colleagues, and click HERE to stay in touch with me. Subject: DR Webinar


Please send me your questions and comments. Do you need more help? Would you like to specialize? Would you like to join my team of fitness professionals and enthusiasts? Did you have Diastasis Recti? Tell me about your experience. Click here now to contact Carrie.

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