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How I Traded A Career in Education For the Life I Wanted

Have you ever felt like you were just in the wrong place?

People always told me to dress for the job I wanted, so I started wearing yoga pants to work. I was working in the public school system. I had been a high school band director, saxophone instructor, and a PreK-4th Grade Music Teacher. But I spent my time before and after school doing what I love: helping others in their health and fitness.

The trouble was that I was really good at my job, and I really liked MOST of it. What I liked:

  • teaching
  • music
  • movement
  • kids
  • other teachers
  • community

What I didn’t like:

  • working for someone else
  • realizing I was never going to get a raise
  • trading hours for dollars
  • not living out my true passion
  • lying about my true passion every day
  • going to meetings and workshops that were useless

It took me a long time to talk about this, because I didn’t want the parents in my school or my community to think I didn’t love their kids. I did! I enjoyed teaching so much, and I still do. But here’s the difference: now I teach the way I want: my time, my classes, my schedule, my pay scale. Now I get to spend my day doing all the things I love, but with more time for myself and my family! To give you an idea, here is what I get to do on a daily basis:

  • take my kids to and from school
  • take my kids to their extracurricular activities
  • attend workshops and events that pertain to me (and that are actually FUN)
  • teach classes that I want to teach
  • build my own schedule
  • work with people I want to work with
  • mastermind with people who are doing similar things
  • learn from the best in my field
  • bring people into my team that have skills that are different from mine
  • have FUN team meetings, many times online

coach plank

Some days are more time on various aspects than on other days. I have the flexibility now to set appointments and move things around, depending on the needs of my clients, my team, and my family. That freedom is SO well worth it to me!

I happen to be a fitness professional, but that is not the typical case in my team. Most of my team are people who are on a journey to better health and fitness, or they have had some success in health and fitness and are paying it forward in some way. Two of my coaches did become fitness professionals AFTER joining the team, because that is what they wanted for their own lives. And our team makes that a possibility, too.

In the process, I have learned that in order to achieve true freedom, you need a sense of control in your life. If you don’t have control in your current job, you may feel “stuck,” even if it was the kind of job you originally thought you wanted. The best way to move forward and gain control is to start. Start as small or as slowly as you want, but just start. Watch the changes begin in your life. You may find that you want to stay in your current job, but be a team member as something that can help you achieve a personal goal. You may find all kinds of changes happening that make you want to stay in your job, but with the team as the fun in your day. Or you may set a personal goal to leave your current job on a certain date and dive into this new life with your agenda. If you’re currently unemployed, joining the team could be the answer you were looking for. There will be no “cut backs” or “lay offs.” You would be in control of whether you stay or go.

Are you wondering if building your own schedule is a good idea for you? Are you wondering if you should be in charge of your own life? Click HERE to see if our team is a good fit for you.


Here’s a little bit of my fitness back story: