Hi, I’m Carrie, Owner and Operator of CarrieFit.

More about me…. See, I also love….

  • my husband’s home cooking
  • a good martini
  • Austin, my home town
  • music
  • organic cosmetics
  • athleisure fashion statements
  • infused water
  • Audrey Hepburn movies
  • personal development books and podcasts

But Enough About me. Who are YOU?

Big Dreams:

If you could build a brand to help the people around you, would you?

What would that look like?

Who would you most like to help?

If you could work from home, on your own time, with your own boundaries, would you?

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Are you struggling in your fitness because you have Diastasis Recti, or some core injury, holding you back?

What would it feel like to regain your core strength?



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