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PiYo results 8 wks

 Warning: Woman in Image is Stronger Than She Appears.

The same is true with the image of YOU. I believe that you can be whoever you decide to be, and you can start whenever you decide to start.

Do you have the desire to be stronger than every before? For your body to function better? With ease?

Do you want incredible confidence in your strength, so that you can do the things that matter to you?

Do you want MORE from your fit life?

Well….that’s why I’m here.

Are You Here for Some Help With Your Fitness?

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Are you here as a PROFESSIONAL or Future Professional in a Fitness Field?

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My World:

My World includes an amazing husband and 2 awesome kids, as well as my love: health and fitness, and all that I have the privilege to do with it.

I love teaching. It lights me up. I have taught fitness for 21+ years now (WOW), and it never gets old. Every class, every training, and every lesson is exciting, new, fresh, and burns in my heart. Therefore, I teach live classes to all fitness levels, abilities, and goals. I also help people online, no matter where they live, with various forms of fitness and fit help. I also mentor and teach people who would like to do something in fitness as a project or career.

In addition, I have designed the Flat Belly System for help specifically to the millions of people who have Diastasis Recti, an abdominal injury from pregnancy and other core-stressing life happenings. On my Flat Belly System page is an in-depth FREE webinar designed not only for the participant, but to help teach people in the health and fitness field how to train people with Diastasis Recti, including necessary modifications to a normal fitness routine. Please watch and share! I had Diastasis Recti and a very painful history with that, which is why my mission is to make it easier on others.

BOD Plank

It’s Here: Our digital platform is changing! Trust me when I say that this new training system will change the face of coaching and personal training. It’s simple, but you gotta be in the know. Get on my list for a very important live video conference call on teaching your clients and students LIVE and/or ONLINE in a way that works for your business and your life. Let me show you the ropes; join the Rodeo!

A little backstory:

Recently, I went from teaching classrooms full of kids to teaching my peers and focusing on THEIR love for helping others. I love helping people find their way with a healthier life, and I’ve even helped people discover their own passion for fitness. That is my FAVORITE part.

I have the privilege not only of teaching my peers general fitness education, but then helping them find their way in the fitness field, sometimes even helping them build their own fitness brand! Now THAT is rewarding. THAT is a way to spread the love while helping someone dig into their passion. I’m so proud of the work I get to do with my team, as well as the work I get to do teaching people to find their fitness and go for their goals and dreams.

Does that interest you? Go HERE to learn more.


Are you wondering if building your own schedule is a good idea for you? Are you wondering if you should be in charge of your own life? Click HERE to see if our team is a good fit for you.

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