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My roots are in education. Teachers are my peeps. I will always be a teacher at heart, but how I do it may change over time.

What lights YOU up?

I love teaching. It lights me up. I have taught fitness for 21+ years now (WOW), and it never gets old. Every class, every training, and every lesson is exciting, new, fresh, and burns in my heart. I still teach little kid music, which I have taught for the past 10 years. They inspire me with each lesson.

Recently, I went from teaching classrooms full of kids to teaching my peers and focusing on that. I love helping people find their way with a healthier life, and I’ve even helped people discover their own passion for fitness. That is my FAVORITE part.

I have the privilege not only of teaching my peers general fitness education, but then helping them find their way in the fitness field, sometimes even helping them build their own fitness brand! Now THAT is rewarding. THAT is a way to spread the love while helping someone dig into their passion. I’m so proud of the work I get to do with my team, as well as the work I get to do teaching people to find their fitness and go for their goals and dreams.

Being a member of my team means:

  • you choose how you use your membership
  • you get training and mentoring from me as a fitness professional and a teacher
  • I personalize your training to fit your role

Some people on my team are on their own road for now and don’t really want to help others yet. Others already have a fitness business and would like to add a digital platform. Others just really like helping people, and want to design their own way in helping others.

All of these are great. Just know that as a team member, you can choose your own road. You can choose coaching a few people, or helping the masses. You can choose to appear live or work completely from home. You can choose a mission, a path, and a platform. The difference here is that you will get ongoing help and support from a great team with differing life experiences. Go HERE to learn more.

Isn’t that FUN?!

coach plank

Are you wondering if building your own schedule is a good idea for you? Are you wondering if you should be in charge of your own life? Click HERE to see if our team is a good fit for you.

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